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At least four scientific studies have examined Vaporizers. Studies focusing on high-end Vaporizers ranging in price from $149 to $600 have found the release of harmful constituents dramatically reduced or completely eliminated. However, a 1996 study including two simple Vaporizers still found ten times more tar in the vapor than active ingredients, although this was nevertheless up to a 30% improvement compared to the best smoking method.

The most recent study (2006) , performed by researchers at Leiden University, tested the high-end Volcano Vaporizers with preparations of popular herb smoke material and found that:

“Our results show that with high end Vaporizers a safe and effective herb smoke delivery system seems to be available to patients. The final pulmonal uptake of active ingredients is comparable to the smoking of them, while avoiding the respiratory disadvantages of smoking herb.”

Why Vaporize and why is Vaping Better?

Smoking herb is the most primitive way known to man to inhale a substance. When one smokes herb, the substance is heated to very high temperatures, sometimes well exceeding 1200ºF. This temperature (which is much hotter than necessary for inhaling the flavor and essence of a plant) burns the material and causes it to be converted into smoke. This smoke can then be inhaled by the smoker in an attempt to obtain some of the benefits of the substance.

Although not without some benefits, smoking herb has substantial dangerous and hazardous side effects including the production of many carcinogenic and harsh byproducts such as smoke and tar. Simply put, smoking is the equivalent of driving a nail into a small piece of wood with a sledgehammer. There is a better solution.

Vaporisation utilizes advanced digital microchip technology to heat up the material only to the temperature most effective for gently releasing the pure flavor and active elements. In this optimal condition there is no burning and there is no smoke, only pure vapor.

The air² Vapor system utilizes a state-of-the-art convection technology to heat herbal matter. Hot air is blown through a disk implanted with herbal material such as smoking herbs, Types of Weed and other Herbs commonly used in aromatherapy. The hot air induces the material to release its full flavor along with its active and volatile elements. This easy to inhale vapor cloud is achieved without burning of the material. Digital accuracy helps to insure that material is not wasted or over heated. The flavor and plant aroma are then inhaled through the outlet inhalation valve.