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Type: Indica


White Rhino (Green House) Afghan X Brazilian X South Indian, Kerala

This marijuana strain goes by two names, White Rhino and Albino Rhino. It is an Indica Dominant hybrid, 90% Indica and 10% Sativa. It’s close cousin is the White Widow and it’s THC content can get to around the 20% mark so White Rhino can pack a massive punch! Take it easy when smoking this as it can deliver a full impact indica stone that can give you a relaxed, heavy, almost narcotic effect and is ideal for slow-paced recreation. This marijuana strain is prized for it’s medicinal wonders. Sufferers of migraines, headaches, nausea, muscle spasms and chronic pain will find relief here.

The smell is spicy, berry like and very dank and pungent. The taste is very peppery almost anise with sweet tones. Smoothen it out with a vaporizer.

Outdoor growers will find it takes around 9 months before harvest and 8/9 weeks flowering time. It is hardy and can deal with most climates, with a thick skin for high temps and cold nights.
This marijuana strain does very well indoors especially in hydro setups. Greenhouse growers, a recommendation of starting it with a medium-low pH (5.7 hydro / 5.8 soil). Increase slowly until it reaches 6.5 at the end of there flowering cycle. Keep your EC levels under 2.4 in hydro and around 2.0 in soil. The plants should start ripening in 9 weeks or early October.
White Rhino has short, squat stature, with short, thick branches and tight internodes. Smart choice for indoor gardeners with limitations in space. Expect large, full leaves, thick stalks, small calyxes and rock hard colas.

White Rhino is a beginner growers dream as it is easy to grow, has a high yield and THC content and is considered one of the great medicinal strains. Perfect!