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Type: Indica


White Lightning

White Lightning

For years now, Marijuana, or Cannabis, has been a popular drug with both recreational and medical users. Despite the numerous legal complexities surrounding the growth and use of the drug it has retained its popularity in most Countries and in recent years has been accepted as a very real alternative to Pharmaceuticals.

One of the most popular strains of this drug is called White Lightning. It belongs to the class Indica-Dominant. This strain is as a result of the crossing between two parent plants namely; White Widow and Northern lights #5.

Growing the Plant

Growing the White Lightning strain has only moderate difficulty and anyone with a little interest in Horticulture can manage to grow succesfully. This strain does best indoors in a sea of green environment. With a flowering time of 8 weeks the plant reaches a maximum height of two to three feet. One interesting feature about the plant is its high THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) content. This chemical component helps the plant to protect itself from herbivorous animals and harmful pathogens.

At times the plant tends to have overgrown leaves preventing light from reaching other parts of the plant. For this reason pruning should be done occasionally to ensure uniform healthy growth of the whole plant. Once the plant has fully flowered the flowers appear dense and resinous and obtain a sweet fruit pungent smell.

Use and Effects on humans

Governments in most countries have outlawed the recreational use of all strains of cannabis, However cannabis remains, first and foremost a medicinal drug. The white lightning strain in particular is used in the cure and mitigation of a variety of illnesses:

a) Medical uses

In medicine the White Lightning Strain is used in the treatment of the following diseases;Anorexia, Multiple sclerosis, Chronic pain, Parkinson’s disease, and Nausea

The drug also finds use in chemotherapy and reduction of anxiety especially in patients prone to high blood pressure. For people suffering from insomnia the drug induces relaxation leading to faster and deeper sleep.

b) Recreational Uses

The recreational use of white lightning is for the purpose of providing unrealistic feelings to the mind. The drug causes relaxation of the muscles leading to a general good feeling.

c) Other uses

In some regions white lightning is used in religious and tribal rites.

Effects of White Lightning

One of the most common effects is deep muscle relaxation. Other physical and mental effects include;Drying of the mouth.Increased heartbeat rate.Deeper and heavier sleeping.

The following is a summary on the features and aspects of white lightning.

Classification: Indica-Dominant

Growing Time: Eight weeks

Best growth location: Indoors in a sea of green

Maximum height: two to three feet

Parent breeds: Northern lights #5 and white window x

Yield: Average

High THC content

Medical uses: Chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, chemotherapy, insomnia, nausea, etc.

Effects: Relaxation, increased heartbeat rate and drying up of the mouth.