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Type: Indica


Snow White (Cannabis Pros) Northern Light #5 X Cinderella 99

Classification: Indica (65%)/sativa (35%)
Parents: White Widow x unknown indica
Growing Environment: Indoor recommended, outdoor possible
Garden Skills: Beginner
Flowering Time: 8 – 10 weeks
Yield: Heavy
Height: Medium
Medical Uses: Chronic pain, nausea, anxiety, depression, chemotherapy, AIDS, insomnia, inflammation
Breeder: Nirvana

Snow White has bold and tasty flavors of smooth earth, flowers and dank, that leaves you with a pleasantly relaxing body stone, accompanied by moderate cerebral effects.

Snow White is an absolutely amazing medicinal strain, bred by Nirvana and adored by many. This indica-dominant lady produces huge buds that are so frosted in resin that after a bowl, you’ll think you’re one of the 7 dwarves. Nirvana created this amazing hybrid by breeding a prime White Widow mother with a mysterious indica father.

Most who’ve grown Snow White can tell you what a stunningly gorgeous plant it is to watch in both vegetation and flower. It’s an ideal candidate for a Sea of Green garden not usually growing over 36” and with minimal side-branching. For an even more exceptional yield, gardeners should look into hydro when cultivating this picturesque lady. It also has strong genetics and clones take root quickly and with great vigor. You can definitely expect yields that are nothing short of spectacular, with massive, frosted calyxes that will take between 8 and 10 weeks to fully develop. As advise, this strain tends to be more on the 9 to 10 week side of the spectrum.

Not only does this strain have excellent bag appeal, with its huge, dense buds, bud the smoke appeal is nothing to be taken lightly. While this weed isn’t likely to give you couch-lock, she’ll provide a nice, powerful yet relaxing, indica-dominant effect that causes severe munchies and an uplifting narcotic effect.