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Type: Indica


Hash Plant
Relaxation, Pain Relief and Body Bliss

The Hash Plant Medical Marijuana Strain a scion of the renowned Afghanis, who’s ancestors hail from the Hindu Kush region of the Himalayas.
The area is famous for the indica strains that flourish in it, but the Hash Plant as it is known today in the Western World is directly the result of excellent work on the part of the Sensi Seed Bank, from which it owes its current status as a precursor of some of the other famous hybrids of the lab.
This indica variant is an indoor plant that acclimatized well in Holland where it was developed, but can easily adapt to drier locations. It’s a robust, easily-cloned hybrid that can be grown using virtually any indoor method. Mature plants are 3-4 feet tall.
Genetically-speaking, the pedigree of this indoor Medical Marijuana is a cross between the original Hash Plant and Northern Lights # 1 (an Afghani genotype), in a 75:25 with the former as the dominant parent. Bred indoors, it starts to flower in 45-55 days, with yields of up to 170 grams.

How Does the Hash Plant Taste

In terms of taste and aroma, the Hash Plant has a sweet, fruity nuance when processed. It possesses a fair bit of the spicy aroma that indica strains are famous for. Very average strength in the smell category, albeit the combination of sweet and earthy hints pleases most users. Taste-wise, it’s what you would expect for its pedigree, with a heavy flavor characterized by a burning-resin sharpness to it. The robust taste is strong enough that some smokers find finishing even one joint difficult.

What are the Hash Plant’s Effects

The somewhat unpleasant bite in flavor is smoothly superseded by the bliss-inducing, surprisingly strong high derived from vaporization of the trichomes rolled into the joint. Ideal for relaxation purposes, The Hash Plant can be used to alleviate sleep disorders, reduce anxiety as well as tension, and can be a great help when doing some meditation. Fans of this feisty little Afghanica genotype speak of a very laid back, very loose feeling in the body that makes them just want to sit down and revel on a transcendent pain-free state (incredibly useful for those body aches). Hash Plant has a very sedative finish that will leave users mellow and wishing for a bed soon. Using it “post time” is highly recommended.

You can expect onset of effects in about twenty minutes after your first hit, and a pleasant high can be achieved for some two-and-a-half hours. Unless you’re desperate for some sleep, take extra care not to exceed the dosage, for the narcotic effects that the hash plant is noted for can become very strong, very fast. The empty-headed state that most users pursue is a good way to start off a pleasantly relaxing evening, when one is looking forward to blissful sleep afterwards. As with use of most indica strains, the hash plant is not ideal when you are anticipating an active day ahead. It’s great for daytime tripping, though, leading to a feeling that some users call “the Nyquil overdose” state. If you want to experiment with the ultimate in exotica, Hash Plant will serve you well.