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amnesia delight


Type: Sativa


Amnesia Haze (Soma) Afghani Hawaiian X SouthEast Asia

Amnesia Haze marijuana strain has a highly damp and musky flavor with an added spiciness on the exhale. The high is somewhat of a creeper and is predominately cerebrally influenced.

These white and frosty buds give off a spicy, woody aroma with a damp, danky, musky flavor. Widely popular in Dutch coffee shops, Amnesia Haze has also become popular in California and Colorado dispensaries.

This strain will definitely require the skilled hand of an expert grower and can reward those who grow it with outdoor yields in absolutely massive numbers, sometimes up to 2 pounds per plant. The Amnesia Haze counterpart boasts a much less impressive – but still heavy – yield of around 2 oz/sq. foot. Look for a consistent flowering period of 10 weeks with Amnesia Haze. Seeds are available only in feminized form from the breeder, which means they won’t be 100% organic, but will be 90% female.

Medicinally this marijuana strain is fantastic and can aid in Glaucoma, depression, inflammation, migraines and nausea. Check your local dispensary to see if Amethyst to see if Amnesia Haze is in stock.