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Type: Sativa


Ambrosia (Jordan of the Island) God Bud X Burmese

Ambrosia is an incredible example of a medical marijuana strain. Being a cross between Burmese and God Bud strains, it has a very pleasing sweet taste and slight tropical aroma to it.

When growing this marijuana strain trim off it’s bottom branches and leave only four or five. That will concentrate most of it’s growth on the central top cola. Expect a medium height if grown outdoors which is quick to grow with vigor. The leaves should turn a yellow and hair a red / orange color in which case it is ready for harvest. Expect pungent buds so if grown indoors then good ventilation is necessary.

Ambrosia will give you a strong hit that goes to the body from head to toe so it’s fantastic for the medicinal user. Those in need of relief from insomnia, sleep apnea and pain will enjoy it’s high. Check out our dispensaries to see if your local is in stock of this great strain.