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Type: Sativa


AK-47 (Serious) Colombian X Mexican X Thai X Afghani

Serious Seeds AK-47 marijuana strain is an award winning Sativa having won 2nd place in the hydroponics section and 3rd place in an overall category at the 1995 Cannabis Cup in the Netherlands. It’s dark name suits it’s dark, compact and highly resinous buds packed with glistening trichomes. It’s aroma is spicy, slightly skunky but has a far sweeter taste with floral notes.

This variety grows extremely well in both indoor and outdoor environments. In low / medium temperatures denser more tightly packed bud is produced whereas in a higher temperature the buds are more open and fluffier. Yields are fairly equal either way.

AK-47 is a great high for social occasions and creative activities, it’s effect is pleasant, long lasting and strong. Independent lab tests have put it’s THC content at slightly over 20% which in the 1999 Cannabis Cup was one of the highest entries.