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afghani wonder


Type: Indica


Afghani Wonder (BlueHemp) Afghani X Pakistani

Afghani Wonder marijuana strain has the parents Skunk #1 and Afghani #1 bred by Flying Dutchmen. The buds are very sticky, dense and highly aromatic so ventilate your growing area well.

It is a strong and sturdy strain that grows well indoors or out with a medium height. It’s side branches can grow a little sideways so prepare for a periodic trim. In terms of flowering, expect on average around 58 days for an indoor set-up. For outdoors around October.

This strain has a powerful sedative effect so insomnia / sleep apnea sufferers will love Afghani Wonder. It also relieves pain, inflammation, nausea, depression and has positive effects for Parkinson’s disease. Check out a dispensary near you for availability of this amazing strain.