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Type: Indica


Afghani Special (KC Brains) Afghani X Double Afghani

Afghani Special marijuana strain is nearly a pure Indica and is a cross between Double Afghani and Afghani. The taste is described as very sweet and spicy with a pungent dank like aroma. The buds are large, dense and very sticky due to the huge presence of tri-chromes. Dark-green almost gold in color and heavy in dark-orange pistils.

Outdoor cultivation for Afghani Special has immense potential with some plants capable of reaching 9 feet in height! It’s colas will require support during maturity and is typically ready to harvest early / mid November. Growing indoors will see the pants reach around 4 feet in height with a brief flowering period of 6-9 weeks and a heavy yield. Evolution has been kind to this strain thus being very resilient and is naturally resistant to a number of pests, diseases and harsh climates.

Like the majority of other Afghani strains, Afghani Special is not recommended for daytime usage as it’s a strong couch-lock strain. Medicinally it has shown to provide great relief for patients with insomnia, chronic pain, eating disorders and chemotherapy patients. Check your local dispensaries to see if this excellent medicinal strain is available.