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Smoking Marijuana

Photo of man smoking medical marijuana cigarette.By far the most commonly known and used method for taking Marijuana Medicine is by smoking it. This typically entails the burning of the dried and cured marijuana flower in its virgin state, requiring no more processing than perhaps some grinding. Placed into rolling papers or a pipe, the Medical Marijuana is smoked just like a tobacco cigarette or Pipe. While it is common practice to retain the smoke in the lungs for an extended period of time, many people now suggest that exhaling after no more that 5 seconds allows for all of the desired Cannabinoids to be absorbed, while less of the undesired byproducts of combustion. Some even say that holding the smoke for any length of time beyond normal smoking pace, like what a tobacco smoker would do when smoking, inhale but not hold it in.

Smoking as a method for ingesting the marijuana medicinal compounds is so widespread because of its effectiveness and simplicity. Anywhere in the world can be found a bit of fire, and a pipe or other Smoking Apparatus can be purchased or made anywhere also. A simple Rolling Paper is all it takes to get the dose into the bloodstream using the smoking method, a big draw for those not interested in durable devices like bongs, water pipes and Standard Marijuana Pipes. The smell of marijuana burning is distinctive and pungent, some types having very aromatic and incense-like aromas in the smoke. Often times Medical Marijuana will have a nice strong odor when dried and cured, then they have yet another when smoked using flame. People in the vicinity who inhale this smoke second-hand can become medicated inadvertently, so use good ventilation if your chauffeur does not desire to medicate when you are.

Marijuana Vaporizers have been gaining in popularity with every passing year. There are dozens of models on the market now, but the famous ones like the Volcano vape that uses a vapor bag and the AroMed that uses a halogen bulb and glass chamber are still leading the way. There are many benefits when using a vaporizer to ingest your medical marijuana, but a couple downsides too. The need for electricity is one negative, along with the general bulk of these devices, but these drawbacks are minimal when compared to the benefits of using a vaporizer. For example, a vaporizer will bring out the cannabinoids that the patient desires, but leave the rest in the plant, whereas smoking/combustion brings it all out, regardless of whether they are healthy or not. Vaporizers gently heat the medicine to evaporate the THC and other cannabis resins, allowing for all of them to be used and inhaled into the lungs, and held in as long as you desire. When you “hold in” a dose of vaporized Medical Marijuana it causes no problems whatsoever. Unlike smoking, which brings in some unwanted tars and chemicals and needs to be exhaled sooner than later, vaporized “vapors” can and should be held in the lungs as long as possible to allow the THC and related medicinals time to be fully absorbed.

THC oil, or the extracted cannabis chemicals from any of the medical types of weed, can be produced using an alcohol extraction technique or other method of concentration, resulting in a sticky green hash oil. This hashish oil can be vaporized using devices that are created for that very purpose. One such device calls for hash oil in a small glass vial that is in turn connected to a hand/mouthpiece. The oil ig gently heated in the vial using a flame or other heat source, and the vapors are drawn through the handpiece, through the vial while picking up the hash oil vapors, and then out through the mouthpiece. This method allows for the ingestion of the marijuana medicine without byproducts of combustion. Hash oil can, of course, be smoked, but usually this requires the oil to be placed on or into something like Marijuana Buds or tobacco. The reason for this is that the hash oil becomes very thin and “runny” when heated, so placing it into a joint or on top of a bowl of weed will allow it to be soaked up and re-smoked right away rather than leaking down into your pipe or smoldering away.