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Some Hobbits might agree that Longbottom Leaf is the finest pipe-weed in the South Farthing, while others (namely Bilbo) would have to say that Old Toby is the finest weed available there. Either way, one might give anything for a “whiff” of either of these fine specimens. Images courtesy New Line Cinema – J.R.R. Tolkien’sRead More

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds provides high quality seeds at reasonable prices, direct from The Netherlands.  Types of weed available from AMS are shown to the right.

Buz’s Buds are the makers of excellent phenotypes such as Oh Geez, Carbondale Kush… see the list of their awesome types of weed on the right.  Their strains are available at CMD to registered MMJ patients in CO.  

The BC Seed Company seedbank is located in Canada’s British Columbia town of Vancouver. Or is it? Yes, of course BC is the seedbank’s namesake and home territory. These gentlemen and ladies have produces Cannabis Cup winning types of weed that have been enjoyed and immortalized across the world.  Taking hemp, and breeding it creativelyRead More

One gram per square meter is approximately equal to 0.0294935 ounces per square yard. e.g.: 190 g/m² * 0.0294935 = 5.603765 oz/yd² Courtesy