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Well, here you have it, a brief world tour of the various breeds of marijuana that “make the list” of favorites here. This video is just a nice series of pictures of marijuana plants and cured buds, with some music and info. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! Featured Video of Types of WeedRead More

We all have our opinions when it comes to tastes and flavors, be it about ice cream or marijuana. An interesting video about one person’s idea of which strains and breeds are the “dankest”. Dank typically means having good flavor and excellent potency. Have a look at the video, see if you agree. [youtube][/youtube] YouRead More

Thousands of visitors have contributed their opinions in order that we may know which marijuana types are the most popularly known and rated. The types of weed in the data of the list below are ranked first by the number of votes cast for that particular strain/breed, and sorted secondly by the average rating thatRead More

Best weed in the world sorted by Star Rating then by Number of Votes cast The following is a list of the best weed in the world as voted by participating visitors like you. Each marijuana strain can be voted upon only once by each visitor, so make your vote count! You may give yourRead More

The most exotic and expensive types of weed, according to Forbes magazine online, are… Well, you had better see for yourself. Some of the most popular types of weed are made so because of their interesting names and effects. For instance Strawberry Cough is a trademarked name owned by the seedbank that originated this brandRead More

The cannabis plant flowers at the base of the leaf stem, using organs called “calyx”. The Calyx-To-Leaf ratio tells how many are produced at each leaf stem base. At times they are referred to as “pre-flower” when they begin to erupt and before showing their sex. The following photos of marijuana calyx show a femaleRead More

Types of weed There are three main types of weed: Cannabis Sativa Cannabis Sativa Indica Cannabis Ruderalis These three species each have many subspecies, and these subspecies are the names that we are most commonly used to identify the various varieties of marijuana that are available for medical use. The plants species are physically differentRead More

There are many resources, like blogs about types of weed, that have nice nuggets of information about marijuana types, such as pictures of marijuana plants and pictures of weed ready for use, information about effects of marijuana and THC, user reviews weed, and a ton more to be sure. We’d like to offer a fewRead More

As with any flowering plant, the cannabis sativa “marijuana” plant is described by various characteristics of appearance, smell, behavior, and general qualities.  To outline the basic areas of characteristics, and the specific trait(s) that comprise these characteristics, the following lists have been compiled. Potency THC cannabinoid content THCV cannabinoid content CBD cannabinoid content CBN cannabinoidRead More

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