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CANNABIS FOUND TO REDUCE INFANT MORTALITY In an article published on 21st July 2012, a comparison between bottle-fed formula babies and breast-fed babies was made. Again it was showing that breast fed babies thrived better than those on formula, the question is why? Our bodies make a chemical called endocannabanoids’ which in turn are closelyRead More

[youtube][/youtube] From Hemp to Medical Marijuana When We Grow…This Is What We Can Do” is an educational documentary concerning the facts about cannabis. In this feature length documentary we explore everything there is, from industrial Hemp to Medical Marijuana use, from the origins of cannabis prohibition to the legality of growing equipment. A film byRead More

LOS ANGELES CITY COUNCIL VOTES TO BAN MEDICAL MARIJUANA DISPENSARIES Not being able to cope with the hundred’s of medical marijuana dispensaries in the United State’s second biggest city, the Los Angeles City Council banned them instead, at least until the state’s highest court gets involved. The 14-0 vote was not at all popular, drawingRead More

THC in Marijuana – D.E.A to see THC Legalized? Making legal THC may be just around the corner for many companies… People within the Medical Marijuana industry suffer no illusions that the DEA in the United States can be difficult to interpret at the best of times! They fervently implement a war on drugs onRead More

[youtube][/youtube] Marijuana Facts they didn’t want you to know!! Check out this Video taking a look at some of the long held Marijuana Facts and compare to recent studies and opinions about these facts or are they Marijuana Myths? At least today we get all sides of the story and if we care to openRead More

[youtube][/youtube] – NORML and Slightly Stoopid have teamed up to raise awareness for the marijuana legalization initiatives going before voters this November in Washington State and Colorado. Vote Yes on I-502 and Amendment 64 and we can finally start the beginning of the end of marijuana prohibition. Protect civil liberties, smartly allocate policeRead More

[youtube][/youtube] Post the days when Medical Marijuana or essence of Cannabis was in every Doctors bag of tricks, this video is another example of the war waged against Marijuana. The Gateway to harder drugs!! As if one puff is the pre-requisite to a spiral into heavy drug use. Unfortunately campaigns such as this from educationRead More

“WHAT’S THIS? A ‘HIGHLESS’ CANNABIS? – read on: At a secret location in the hills of Galilee, Israel, researchers say that they have developed marijuana to ease the symptoms of some ailments without the ‘high’. The ‘high’ is an unpleasant (for some) side effect for many sufferers. While marijuana has many Cannabinoid, the one thatRead More

[youtube][/youtube] 10 Major Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana, Marijuana is a wonderful plant full of undiscovered possibilities, further research is encouraged by many as it is here at Please join types of weed and add you support in your Country at the World weed map and lets make a change!

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