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PMS and Medical Marijuana Some people wonder about the effectiveness of Medical Marijuana in reducing or eliminating pains linked with PMS or Pre-Menstrual Syndrome. In fact, several medical researchers claim that cannabis can be an alternative option for those who do not experience relief from other types of medications. According to Mark Ware, director ofRead More

AMSTERDAM COFFEE SHOPS Thinking Of Taking a Cannabis Holiday? Want to sit in an Amsterdam Coffee Shop and freely sit back, relax and chill with a nice fat White Widow and watch the World go by? Then you had better book now Typesofweeders as Laws are about to change!! Under the Dutch drug law inRead More

What Do Chocolates and Marijuana Have in Common? Have you ever wondered why you sometimes crave badly for chocolates? You may even have problems concentrating because of your obsession for these sweet treats. In fact, several researchers have conducted studies on the chemical components of chocolates including their effects on the human brain. The resultRead More

WHEN TO HARVEST MARIJUANA Medical marijuana has several health benefits to the body and is used as herbal therapy. Studies have shown that it is useful in the treatment of migraines, lack of appetite, depression, alcohol abuse, among other diseases. You can cultivate medical marijuana either indoors or outdoors. Considering that cannabis is a uniqueRead More

TYPES OF WEED IS INTERESTED IN YOUR FEEDBACK: IS MARIJUANA THE WOMAN’S VERSION OF VIAGRA? Since Viagra was introduced for men in the late 1990’s, it was hoped that the woman’s version would closely follow. Not so! The process continues with different experiments hoping to emulate the relationship enhancing pill. While women eagerly wait, thereRead More

Old Toby is the finest weed in the Southfarthing, according to Bilbo Baggins.  Longbottom Leaf is a strong contender when it comes to making a hobbit happy, however magical smoke ring ships require the finest herbal reagents available. Images courtesy New Line Cinema – J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy

ONE OF LATIN AMERICA’S SAFEST COUNTRIES WANTS TO GROW AND SELL MARIJUANA? NEW MARIJUANA LEGISLATION TABLED IN URUGUAY! Uruguay has sent a bill to congress to enable them to Grow Marijuana and legally sell Marijuana.The reason is to stop crime and the illegal trafficking of the Marijuana throughout the Region and Country. In Uruguay aRead More

HOW ALCOHOL AND MARIJUANA IMPACT ON DEATHS AND INJURIES IN THE U.S While doing some research on the numbers of deaths and injuries from Marijuana in comparison to the deaths and injuries from alcohol, a surprising comparison was found. We have all been told, time and time again, that the effects of Marijuana even MedicalRead More

LOS ANGELES TRIES TO BAN DISPENSARIES, BUT COURTS MAY OVERRULE 30.7.2012 Last Tuesday the Los Angeles City Council, with a vote of 14-0. voted for a new ban on Medical Marijuana. Los Angeles is not California’s largest city, but is the central base for Medical Marijuana, with over 760 registered Dispensaries, plus another 200 whichRead More

Cannabis in Pharmacy Drugs? Pharma drugs have been developed that either contain or have similar chemicals to those in the Cannabis Plant. Some scientists understand how the brain works with Cannabinoids and then develop drugs which follow the same paths, but work differently than Medical Marijuana. Pharma drugs based on Cannabis are in 4 categoriesRead More