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Federal law currently prohibits the use or sale of marijuana under all circumstances, and yet states like California and Colorado have already legalized marijuana for medical use. Here’s what state and federal laws have to say about the issue.

There are several expenses which the governments would save that are spent on the implementation of prohibition of marijuana. According to a paper that was endorsed by nearly 300 economists.

Medical marijuana and Huntington’s disease Medical marijuana refers to extracts from the plant cannabis which can be recommended by a physician as a form of medicine in some States. Cannabis plant has long been used as a form of medicine to treat various diseases. However, there had never been studies into the possibility of itRead More

Does Medical Marijuana Have Therapeutic Value For Sickle-Cell Disease Pain? There has been increasing consideration regarding the use of cannabinoids or medical marijuana, for the management of a variety of painful conditions. It is also being particularly considered as a treatment option for the pain that is experienced in sickle-cell disease (SCD). In sickle-cell diseaseRead More

Medical Marijuana as Treatment for Leukemia? (Leukaemia) Contrary to popular belief, Leukemia is actually a group of neoplastic diseases of your white blood cells. Acute and chronic myelogenous leukemia are just two types, with the former usually more aggressive (presenting with hemorrhage and organ infiltration) and the latter often asymptomatic. Every year, 3000 new casesRead More

Gateway Drug or Myth? Also known as Cannabis, marijuana has actually been used medically as early as 2700 BC in ancient China. Currently, the medical use of marijuana is subject to many debates, but support is growing for the legalization of the substance for medicinal purposes. How exactly is it used for medical purposes? AccordingRead More

Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease characterised by persistent airway hyper responsiveness to certain external stimuli. Many people are born with this condition and live with it for the rest of their lives. Most of the pharmaceutical medications in the market usually provide symptomatic relief during acute attacks but a drug that can permanently treatRead More

Is Medical Marijuana effective in the treatment of Tourette’s Syndrome? Tourette’s Syndrome is a neuropsychiatric disorder in which a person gets involuntary tics or spasms. These tics can be phonic or motor and can also be accompanied by behavioral problems. According to an estimate, around 100,000 people in United States are affected by this condition.Read More

Bipolar disorder or manic depressive disorder is a medical condition characterized by extreme mood swings; where a person oscillates between periods of good and depressed or irritable mood. At times the mood shifts happen quite quickly. This serious mental illness can lead to damage in relationships, career and even academic performance. Sometimes people with thisRead More