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Effects of Marijuana

Photo of woman smoking a medical marijuana cigarette.The general effects of marijuana as a collected set of specific effects are commonly referred to as the high, while a person may get high or get stoned on common North American lingo. With the rapid increase in the number and berth of medical marijuana patient body there are more accurate terms coming in to use e.g. medicating. As a rule there has to be a way to designate a particular action and the words used to describe that action can be derogatory or supportive and since this website is a resource for medical marijuana patients we will just call it medicating for ease, clarity and continuity on this Internet resource.

Photo of woman enjoying hookah smoking for medical marijuana dosage.When medicating a patient receives a dose of medication into the bloodstream via the lungs, mucous membrane or gastrointestinal  tract. The method used to ingest the medicine will change the effects of the medication versus other methods. Once introduced into the body the various compounds in the medicine will induce sensations and symptoms in accordance with which chemicals are present in the delivery medium, how the medication was prepared, and the compounds present in the patients physiology already. Various aspects of the overall medication effect, such as duration, potency, euphoric effect, pain relief, quickness of onset of effects and other things like that are greatly effected by the quality and composition of the raw medicine in conjunction with the methods of curing, heating, solvent, and other variables in the production process.

Photo of man smoking medical marijuana cigarette.The effects of a sample of high-potency medical marijuana that is prepared with skill using cooking, and dosed by the patient in an edible confection will vary somewhat as compared to the same sample prepared in a tomato sauce, and it will vary greatly from the effects produced by smoking it. And again, the potency and duration will depend upon how it is handled before consumption, the method of ingestion, and the patient’s own unique physiology so potency and effects are impossible to quantify in concrete terms because of all the variables at hand so we seek to quantify them in relative terms such as low-, average-, and high-potency would indicate a particular marijuana strain’s apparent characteristic as compared to the average of strains having actually been produced and available for testing. If you would like to suggest a benchmark for comparison of characteristics we would enjoy hearing your suggestion, feel free to post here or in the forum or email infoATtypes-of-weedDOTorg with subject: Suggestion for Types of Weed

Photo of weed, medical marijuana cannabis buds in a pipe and joints.So, let’s talk about what the effects of medical marijuana actually are, and let’s talk about the effects of marijuana for each method of dosage, starting with the most common and moving on from there to include most of the typically available methods.

The effects of marijuana can be simplified to the possible following effects, note that not all types of wed have all of these effects.Model of medical marijuana THC molecule, produces some effects of marijuana.

  • euphoric effect
  • sedative effect
  • appetite stimulation effect
  • muscle relaxation effect
  • analgesic effect
  • anti-inflammatory effect
  • neuropsychiatric effect