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Cannabis Based Pharma Drugs

Cannabis in Pharmacy Drugs?

Pharma drugs have been developed that either contain or have similar chemicals to those in the Cannabis Plant. Some scientists understand how the brain works with Cannabinoids and then develop drugs which follow the same paths, but work differently than Medical Marijuana.

Pharma drugs based on Cannabis are in 4 categories as listed below and are in pill form:

1. Chemicals taken straight from the Cannabis Plant.

2. Chemicals that contain synthetic versions of the chemicals found in Cannabis.

3. Chemicals that are similar to Cannabis, but not actually found in the plant.

4. Chemicals that do not work like Cannabis, but use the same paths to the brain.

Below is a list of the trade names of drugs, broken into 4 groups.

Group 1 Sativex

Group 2 a) Dronabinol/Marinol
b) Dronabinol/Metered Dose Inhalor (MDI)/Marinol aerosol.

Group 3 a) Nabilone/Cesamet
b) Dexanabinol
c) CT-3 (ajulemic acid)
d) PRS-211, 375/Cannabinor and Cannabinor Oral
e) HU 308
f) HU 331

Group 4 a) Romonabant/Acomplia
b) Taranabant/MK-0364
c) URB597 or KDA-4103
d) 0-3246
e) AM281

These drugs are used for the treatment as shown below:

Group 1 a) Treatment of neuropathic pain and spasticity in MS patients. Pain relief for cancer sufferers.

Group 2 a) Treatment for side-effects from cancer treatment.
Appetite stimulant for AIDS sufferers.
Analgenic for MS Patients.

Group 3 a) Treatment of nausea and vomiting for cancer treatments.

b) Neuroprotective for use after heart surgery,
c) Treatment as in Group 1 (a).
d) Anti-inflammatory.
Pain Relief.
e) Hypertension.
f) Treatment of memory, weight loss, appetite, tumour surveillance, analgesia and inflammation.

Group 4 a) Anti-obesity
b) ” ”
c) Treatment of pain, anxiety and depression.
d) Spasticity in MS patients
e) For use in association with septic shock

These facts were last reported July 2012.