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The community of medical professionals over the globe appears to be consistently moving toward a clearer understanding of the medicinal uses of the various types of weed, with the latter term being a simple and common term used to refer to medical marijuana, a.k.a. medical cannabis, a.k.a. medical hemp, among a multitude of other proper and slang names.  This move toward more understanding and acceptance of the true health benefits of the cannabis plant is thanks in part to grassroots movements condoning the education about and research of the healing possibilities that some western medical professionals have dubbed “The Miracle Plant”.  We owe our gratitude to those doctors who have risked and even suffered loss as a result of their support of further research, availability to patients,  and perhaps most profoundly for professionally condoning the general acceptance of the use of cannabis as a true medicine.  The resultant atmosphere of increasing acceptance has allowed for making available to many thousands of suffering patients the very plant that may make the difference between that suffering and total relief.

Our mission at is to provide a source for serious and practical medical marijuana patients to research the various types of weed for themselves, from the comfort and safety of home, and at their own leisure, to make an educated decision about what strain of medicinal cannabis possesses the attributes desired for treatment of his or her particular medical condition(s).  In this light we wish to also provide the community of planet Earth a place to share information, relate experiences and results, and in general cooperate to the general benefit of all involved, or rather to all people of the planet who might in some way benefit from the various types of weed and information about those types.

We are pleased to accept your questions, comments, complaints, suggestions, and general inquiries. Simply complete the contact form here.