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Marijuana Facts

1 – 10 Marijuana Facts  There are over 483 compounds found in the marijuana Plant It is estimated that over 162 million people used marijuana Annually Marijuana is generally referring to the dried leaves and buds of the Female Plant Cannabis Indica plants may have as much as 4-5 times the THC content as theRead More

Weed Movies

Weed Movies Review: Reefer Madness?… honorable mention This unabashed propaganda film “Reefer Madness” (also known by the title “Tell Your Children”) has become a cult classic and believe us, you will love this Marijuana Movie due to its comically bad cinema and its dated, alarmist views on the dangers of “Marijuana addiction” . The exaggeratedRead More

Types of Weed Names

Types of Weed- Indica vs Sativa. At one point or another, everyone who is above the age of 18, no matter how straight and narrow they may be, has smoked weed in their lives. It could have been that they lit up a joint, or they were part of a chain during a puff-puff-pass session,Read More

The Big List of Types of Weed

2009 Medical Marijuana Strains List Don’t see you favorite type? Submit your own strain in the forum… Share your opinion, get new knowledge, help and be helped in The Forum discussion area. Some content courtesy of A • B • C • D • E • F • G • H • I •Read More