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Asthma and Medical Marijuana

Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease characterised by persistent airway hyper responsiveness to certain external stimuli. Many people are born with this condition and live with it for the rest of their lives. Most of the pharmaceutical medications in the market usually provide symptomatic relief during acute attacks but a drug that can permanently treatRead More

Medical Marijuana and Diarrhea

Medical marijuana and diarrhea For many people suffering from diarrhea, medical marijuana may actually treat the condition and has been used for this very problem for a lot longer than people think. Marijuana was first discovered to be effective in treating diarrhea in 1880s by a Dr. Turner and the first report highlighting its effectivenessRead More

Marijuana Facts

1 – 10 Marijuana Facts  There are over 483 compounds found in the marijuana Plant It is estimated that over 162 million people used marijuana Annually Marijuana is generally referring to the dried leaves and buds of the Female Plant Cannabis Indica plants may have as much as 4-5 times the THC content as theRead More


Hemp Hemp use dates back to the Neolithic age in China, with hemp fiber imprints found on pottery dating from the 5th century BC.The Chinese later used Hemp to make clothes, shoes, ropes, and an early form of paper. The classical Greek historian Heroditus(ca. 480 BC) reported that the inhabitants of Scythia would often inhale theRead More

Types of Weed Names

Types of Weed- Indica vs Sativa. At one point or another, everyone who is above the age of 18, no matter how straight and narrow they may be, has smoked weed in their lives. It could have been that they lit up a joint, or they were part of a chain during a puff-puff-pass session,Read More

Types Of Weed

Types of weed There are three main types of weed: Cannabis Sativa Cannabis Sativa Indica Cannabis Ruderalis These three species each have many subspecies, and these subspecies are the names that we are most commonly used to identify the various varieties of marijuana that are available for medical use. The plants species are physically differentRead More

Marijuana characteristics

As with any flowering plant, the cannabis sativa “marijuana” plant is described by various characteristics of appearance, smell, behavior, and general qualities.  To outline the basic areas of characteristics, and the specific trait(s) that comprise these characteristics, the following lists have been compiled. Potency THC cannabinoid content THCV cannabinoid content CBD cannabinoid content CBN cannabinoidRead More

Snow White OG

Snow White (Cannabis Pros) Northern Light #5 X Cinderella 99 Classification: Indica (65%)/sativa (35%) Parents: White Widow x unknown indica Growing Environment: Indoor recommended, outdoor possible Garden Skills: Beginner Flowering Time: 8 – 10 weeks Yield: Heavy Height: Medium Medical Uses: Chronic pain, nausea, anxiety, depression, chemotherapy, AIDS, insomnia, inflammation Breeder: Nirvana Snow White hasRead More


Warlock (Magus) [Skunk X Skunk] X Afghani Indica / Sativa Origins – Skunk x Afghan Flowering – 55-60 days Harvest – Late October Warlock” connotes a master of the dark arts, a male witch or magus. Magus Genetics’ Warlock strain comes from a wizard’s pouch of indica-dominant bag seed. Magus estimates that, for the currentRead More