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Viper (Reeferman) Blackseed X Burmese

Watch out, this one can sneak up on ya. Once again our proven Burmese male does the trick, smoothing out the BC Blackseed, which yields phenomenally but can smoke a bit rough on its own. Its not quite as yieldy as Blackseed, but has a more complex aroma, sweet skunky and piney with a pleasantly greasy texture on the tongue

Inside Finish Time: 10 weeks / Outside Finish Time: mid October / Variation: 2.5 / Odor Level: 3 / Mold Resistance: 4 / Yield: 5 / Ease of Growth: 5 / Feed Level: 4 / Stretch: 2.75x / Sativa/Indica: 95/5

Viper, 9.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings


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