Island Sweet Skunk

Island Sweet Skunk

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Island Sweet Skunk

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Island Sweet Skunk (Jordan of the Island) Sweet Pink Grapefruit X Big Skunk

Type: Sativa/Indica Hybrid
Yield: Heavy
Flowering Time Required: between 60 and 70 days;
Cross: Sativa x Skunk #1
Bred by: Federation

The Island Sweet Skunk (ISS) marijuana strain has been cultivated in British Columbia, Canada on Vancouver Island for years and years. It’s a very stable Skunk/Sativa hybrid that shows off fat, sticky buds and golden hair that’s long and thick. After the sixth week of flowering, its hair begins to show more of an orange hue. It grows tall and vigorously, showing you dramatic changes in its appearance daily. And during the final three weeks of flowering, its buds will astound you at how much they swell. Clinical testing for THC content has been reported at 19.6% with the Island Sweet Skunk strain of cannabis.

With such high THC concentration levels, Island Sweet Skunk cannabis is serious medicine. The more potent the medicine is, the less medicine it takes to medicate with. Medical marijuana patients worldwide appreciate the mental boost she provides them daily. Its taste and scent are unlike any other strain; unique, full and smooth when properly cured. If you cultivate her outdoors, you can expect a late October finish.

Island Sweet Skunk is one of the primary reasons that BC is famous as a leader in breeding medical-grade marijuana seeds for the benefit of the masses. It’s easy to grow, yields heavily and presents excellent value for the money spent procuring and raising this strain.

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