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U.S Cannabis Laws

Cannabis in ColoradoOn November 6, 2012, the Colorado Constitution was amended, and it allowed adults to use, possess and cultivate a limited amount of marijuana. An existing system also regulates and taxes marijuana, and the law no longer prohibits the cultivation of industrial hemp. The law will be enacted on December 6, 2012, or after the certification of Governor Hickenlooper’s vote – whichever comes first.


As Medical Marijuana in Colorado becomes more prominent, lawmakers in the state are finding themselves inundated with creating new laws that will both assist the Patients and community and keep the booming Cannabis Culture from running rampant.
As a result of this very difficult task, the Medical Marijuana community must also work harder to stay abreast of the constant changes in Cannabis Colorado legislature. Knowing and understanding the new laws as well as any of the changes to existing laws is a never-ending task, but one that is vitally important to the survival of the Services,Care,and Relief That Cannabis can deliver to Patients suffering Chronic and Painful Illnesses.
First and foremost, the basic laws of Medical Marijuana in Colorado must be understood. Cannabis Colorado state law permits the possession of Medical Marijuana by a patient or caregiver on behalf of the patient. No OTHER POSSESSION IS ALLOWED. In order to qualify for a medical Cannabis status, a person must be suffering from a chronic or debilitating disease or condition and that condition must have been diagnosed by a licensed Colorado physician who believes the use of Medical Marijuana will assist in that patient’s symptoms and well-being. When this criteria has been met, the patient may then apply for his or her card.

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