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Blue Cheese

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Blue Cheese

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Blue Cheese (Bid Buddha) Orig. UK Cheese X Blueberry

Blue Cheese is a cross of a few Blueberry males from different breeders mixed with Big Buddha Cheese. The seeds were then grown and a male was selected from 40 different Blueberry / Cheese male plants. This male was then crossed with a Big Buddha Cheese female which makes this marijuana strain mostly Indica because of it’s cheese roots.

With high internodes this marijuana strain is very suitable for the Sea of Green growing technique which will see it mature in 8 – 10 weeks. It can produce very large colas both indoor and out, and with controlled side branching can bring reasonable yields.

With a large THC range of 15 – 20% this marijuana strain can pack a punch, but has a clear, energetic and euphoric high. A very nice anti-anxiety buzz with no couch lock or dazed effect. So for medicinal users this can mean it is not just for night time use, you can use in the morning / afternoon and have it not affect your daily routines. Patients seeking relief with depression, eating disorders, anxiety, migraines and other chronic pain issues will find Blue Cheese a great help.

Despite it’s name, Blue Cheese does not have a cheese taste persae, but more of a spicy, danky almost woody type flavour. This earthy flavour is enhanced when using a vaporizer.

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